100% smart customer interactions

In order to fulfill their customer promise, organizations needs to understand the hidden patterns, the footprints and the behaviors of their customers. And act accordingly.

Applai enable 100% smartness

We help companies understand and foresee customer behaviour using smart customer data management and intelligent tech 

in a simple and business driven way 

100% smartness: “A frictionless machinery that makes perfect decisions based on data and act in real time to optimize efficiency, customer satisfaction and sales”

Team experience from AI & Analytics projects


From data to implemented AI system in 6 months
(Strategy, BI platform, AI-system)
The client asked us to help them set their analytics and data platform strategy to enable increased conversion, loyalty and engagement. We also got trusted to implement the strategy though building the data platform, visualizing important KPIs and creating a fully automated AI system to predict individual behavior.
Step 1 - Analytics strategy
Assess how to best use analytics based on the client's conditions (business goals, IT-environment and ability to act), and put together a granular action plan, including tools and competencies, enabling a smarter future.
Step 2 - BI development
Build data platform and visualization according to insight requirements and business logic. To enable this we created an information model, set up a data warehouse and started building logic around the imported data, in parallel to visualizing business peformance and KPIs. 
Step 3 - AI development
Develop a simple-to-use AI system that can predict Lifetime Value, Churn and Next Best Offer. This way our client get continuous insights to enable them to be more relevant in their communication towards each individual (increasing sales) and enable them to decrease churn, on the most valuable individuals. 

100% smart competencies


Business driven ✔  
Quick value ✔  
Made simple 

"Business value from day one!"



Insight on demand

Find the answer to one business-critical question using analytics

100% smart strategy

Set a smart road map for a becoming Data- & Analytics driven business

Applai analytics lab

Set up your flexible and scalable Data Analytics lab, using our toolbox

Data & AI resources

We deliver top consultants to enable your data-, analytics- and AI initiatives

100% smart backend marketing

Applied AI - automated

Simple-to-use and automatic analytics products that help you predict the future of your customers to optimize sales and experience.

Quick Value Approach

To maximize value and minimize risk, Applai uses an agile approach to implement Artificial Intelligence. Step by step we help companies towards 100% smartness, through targeting the best use cases based on business objectives & conditions, focusing on quick value.

Applai is a part of Accigo

a leading Nordic consultancy firm consisting of
150 of Sweden's sharpest consultants