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Applai help companies towards 100% smartness

We combine expertise in AIDATA and BUSINESS to build and implement intelligent solutions enabling 100% smart and profitable companies.

100% smartness: “A frictionless machinery that makes perfect decisions based on data and act in real time to optimize efficiency, customer satisfaction and sales”


Personalized services and smart data

Client: Large retail (FMCG) company (15bn + SEK turnover)

We lead the project aiming to increase customer satisfaction through new personalized services and achieve the 'customer 360-' and 'omni' ambition. We conceptualized and tested consumer services, built analytics models to support them and we adviced on architecture and organisational structure/competencies needed to enable success.

Voice of customer AI (NLP) analytics

Client: Leading media (online streaming) company

The client wanted to understand what customers write about their services (in surveys, social media & support) as well as what drives (dis-)satisfaction. We analysed data acquisition processes, assessed data quality and built an AI model (using NLP applications) to automatically process customer text data (10 000+ texts), enabling customer driven business development.

POC for predictive churn (ML)

Company: Leading retailer (optician)

The client needed to increase customer loyalty and prevent customers from churning. After analysing business needs and processes, we extracted, cleansed and processed data and built a machine learning model aiming to predict customers likely to churn and what drives customers to leave. Challenges included data quality and fragmentation of customer data.

Analyze customer web behavior

Client: Medium sized Insurance company

The client wanted to better understand the web behavior of their customers to enable more efficient customer communication and web development. We started by holding workshops to identify business objectives and KPIs, then we analyzed and presented the insights created through the available data.

Data driven customer loyalty program

Client: Large retail (FMCG) company (5bn+ sek turnover)

The client understood their new loyalty program needed to be based on actual customer behavior, so they asked us to help them analyze transactions to define loyal customers, campaign effect and customer journey phases, among other things.

Analytics and data platform roadmap

Client: Medium sized collection foundation

The client asked us to help them set their analytics and data platform strategy to enable increased conversion, loyalty and engagement. We assessed how to best use analytics based on the client's conditions (business goals, IT-environment and ability to act), and put together a granular action plan, including tools and competencies, enabling a smarter future.

100% smart competencies


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Expertise areas

Customer Intelligence

Combining customer data with intelligent technology to increase sales, engagement and loyalty.

  • Smart sales
  • Voice of customer analytics
  • Churn prevention
  • Price optimization

100% smart strategy

Explore how your business can use AI technology to transform data into business value and reach 100% smartness.

  • AI & analytics roadmap
  • Innovation through AI

Applai Data Lab

Effective data architecture and powerful analytics/AI tools in one simple eco-system

  • Data consolidation
  • Smart data architecture
  • Simple-to-use AI & analytics tools
  • Efficient implementation


Data & AI resources

We deliver top consultant talent to enable your initiatives in data, analytics and AI systems:

  • Data scientists
  • Data engineers
  • Fullstack developers
  • System architects
  • Analytics strategists
  • Project managers

Delivery methods


We build & implement new models or tools for advanced analytics and Artificial Intelligence


Get access to data and advanced analytics expertise to support ongoing analytics initiatives

Insight on-demand

We'll answer questions about your business, using your data and intelligent analytics

Quick Value Approach

To maximize value and minimize risk, Applai uses an agile approach to implement Artificial Intelligence. Step by step we help companies towards 100% smartness, through targeting the best use cases based on business objectives & conditions, focusing on quick value.

Team experience from AI & Analytics projects

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