Business driven
Artificial Intelligence

We combine expertise in AI, DATA and BUSINESS to build and implement intelligent solutions
enabling 100% smart, profitable companies.

Business value from day one!

- towards 100% smartness

Through our iterative approach we aim to constantly deliver insights while building the automated solutions. That way we stay transparent and agile to optimize value. 

Business driven ✔  Quick value ✔  Made simple 

Expertise areas

Customer Intelligence

Optimize customer interactions and increase sales, utilizing true customer insights.

- Churn prediction
- Feedback analytics
- Purchase behavior prediction
- Price optimization


Smart supply chain

Lower cost and streamline operations through optimizing routes and production quality.

- Predicting bad quality
- Logistics optimization
- Predictive 

100% smart strategy

Identify AI use cases, set up your AI lab and strategize towards 100% smartness.

- Applai Labs
- Applai Roadmap

Delivery methods


We build & implement new models or tools for advanced analytics and Artificial Intelligence


Get access to data and advanced analytics expertise to support ongoing analytics initiatives

Insight on-demand

- Ad hoc analysis 
- Reoccuring insights
- AI & analytics review

Quick Value Approach

To maximize value and minimize risk, Applai uses an agile approach to implement Artificial Intelligence. Step by step we help companies towards 100% smartness, through targeting the best use cases based on business objectives & conditions, focusing on quick value.

Team experience from AI & Analytics projects

Applai is a part of Accigo

a leading Nordic consultancy firm consisting of
150 of Sweden's sharpest consultants