Applai - towards 100% smartness

We believe that Artificial Intelligence will transform companies as we know them, enabling some while eliminating others.

Applai help companies become data driven through building and implementing (custom) AI & Analytics solutions. In a smart way.

Business driven

AI, although powerful, is only a tool, enabling great business value if used correctly. It's critical to always derive technical solutions from business goals and adapt them to a company's way of doing business. If not, we risk building and implementing technology that not only cost more than it returns, but also can distract the business. Therefor we perform Applai Reviews to assess a company's AI use cases, feasability and business case, resulting in a business driven roadmap towards 100% smartness, one step and a time.

Keep it simple

Artificial Intelligence can be perceived as complex - hindering valuable and sometimes critical AI initiatives. Using the power of AI doesn't have to be complicated and we always focus on the low effort/high return cases first, to prove solutions and finance future initiatives. We independently use tools, algorithms and applications created by the smartest people on the planet, to help you reach full potential, one simple step at a time.

Quick value approach

The times when implementation and value extraction took months or even years are over, we need to approach business problems in an agile way, enabling quick value, low risk and high learning curves. To achieve this we work according to our quick value approach, quickly reaching measurable results to compare with performance requirements. The most perfect AI model doesn't win, the ones solving real business problems and integrates with the businesses do.

No hierarchies

At Applai we do not have traditional hierarchies and managers. We are instead a network organization that facilitate a genuinely ambition driven environment for our employees, which shines through in our forward thinking and responsible customer engagements. Our employees have the mandate and authority to drive and develop our customers fully. Instead of a few managers or owners making decisions for many, we make employees decide for themselves.

We make people grow

We call Applai a "greenhouse for people". We believe in constant development and we always facilitate contexts that benefit both our employees and customers, where we can grow together. For us, the balance between entrepreneurial spirit and professionalism is important. It's the combination of both that make us successful in everything you do! 

By Accigo – part of Business Wellness Group

Founded by Accigo, Applai is employee-owned and not governed by short-term owner directives - we aim to help our customers in the long run. As a part of Business Wellness Group we stand for sustainable business development, always focusing on business value.