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Machine Learning Engineer to Enable Smart Businesses

Imagine a future where you help great companies apply analytics. Analytics which create real value for businesses. A future where you develop your own products and services. A future where applying AI is made simple – enabled by you.

At Applai will you be a part of a growing startup as an AI & Analytics consultant. The role offers unique opportunities. Exciting analytics projects and in-house AI product development. That’s what we do.

We call ourselves Smartification Consultants! Since the intelligent technology in itself creates no value, we need to be able to apply it in a SMART way.

We believe you know that AI & analytics is a great way to solve business problems. We help businesses reach the next level by applying AI. You can start applying AI by applying to Applai today.


Applai is changing the way businesses use AI. We need your help to make it happen. Applai consultants choose their own projects, their own hours, and their own ambitions.

Applai is a startup within one of Sweden’s most successful business empires. Applai was started to meet the future needs of applying AI. It is Applai’s mission to make AI easier and more business oriented.

  • Business driven AI – Deriving tech solutions from the business value it creates
  • Quick value approach – AI is risky. We decrease the risk by a quick value approach
  • Free of hierarchies – Applai have no managers, we have networks driven by ambition.


Give and you shall receive. We genuinely believe in creating value for both customers and the employees who make it happen. The greatest value is you becoming the person you want to be.

  • You will get experience from bleeding edge AI & analytics projects – Level up yourself
  • You will get the thrill of entrepreneurship. The thrill of creating new products and services – Impact your future
  • All this within your favorite subject AI and Analytics. Together, we make it happen – Grow with the best


As an AI & Analytics Consultant you will work with the full end-to-end analytics chain. The chain of designing, implementing, and the business adoption of solutions (e.g. Business Intelligence & Machine Learning). You have a strong focus on creating customer value from analytics. You enjoy the thrill of getting the business to apply analytics and AI.

We are currently searching for enthusiastic and ambitious people with experience from analytical projects. The experience needed depends on the role; we are looking to strengthen the team with one analytics architect, two data engineers and one AI business analyst.

Your daily activities will include:

  • You implement and advice on analytics solutions as a consultant
  • You will have a fika
  • You develop products and services within the AI Customer domain

Your qualifications are:

  • You have worked with analytical projects between 1-5 years. Intensity of experience matters more than the hours
  • You have experience in cloud solutions. We know the skills are transferable cross platforms
  • You have knowledge in key areas like AI, analytics & business development

Your personality contains:

  • A great communicator
  • A tech enthusiast and entrepreneurial spirit in heart and mind
  • Passionate about personal and professional development

Analytics in general (AI in particular) sparks your interest. It is something you think is both fun and important for the future.


Send us an email with your CV or LinkedIn profile and a brief statement of who you are. You will be contacted for the next step in the process. The process begins with a short interview about your ambition. We continue with a technical interview about your skills and where you want to be in the future. We then conclude the process where you will meet the team, to better understand our personalities and ambitions. The interviewing process is usually done within two weeks.

To start applying AI, you need to apply to Applai. Send us your CV here below!