Customer insight on demand

Find the answer to business-critical questions using analytics

Combining customer data with intelligent technology
to increase sales, engagement and loyalty

From leads to loyalty

Applai help businesses transform data into money making systems that optimizes sales, customer insight and loyalty - closing the loop from leads to loyalty. 

Want to discuss how we can help your organisation? 

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Smart sales

Do you know what different customers want and when they want it? Do you know when and how to contact them to optimize conversion rate? Lets find out! 

Through analyzing how customers behave online and in store combined with demographics and external events we can help you understand how to optimize sales and marketing activities to:

  1. Increase sales conversion of new customers
  2. Upgrade and broaden sales of existing customer base

In some cases our analysis will find that your company is in need of a general recommendation engine and in others a custom made, or even simple ad hoc analytics models to start with.

Either way we will help you find and execute the best road forward for your business, to enable increased ROI on sales activities. 

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Voice of customer analytics

Your customers are talking to you, are you listening?

Today you have the technical possibility to analyze your customer feedback, social media, support tickets, financial statements or other free text/audio data. It's simple and efficient.

We help companies understand your unstructured data automatically and break it down to actionable insights enabling you to really understand what drives customer satisfaction!

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Predict & prevent customer churn

Do you want to increase customer loyalty?

Loosing acquired customers is costly. Through analyzing historical  customer behavior patterns we can help you understand what (and why) customers leave you, enabling you to be proactive and act on potential churn before it's too late. 


  • Companies using Machine Learning to analyze churn are on average 15% better at decreasing churn than those who don't
  • It costs 5 times more to acquire new customers than to sell to existing ones
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Price optimization

Do you want to find the prices that optimizes your margins?

Although pricing strategies and models have been around for a while, Machine Learning enables more precise calculations that considers a companies goals while doing so. 

We help companies understand the two main questions in pricing:

  1. How will customers react to different pricing strategies?
  2. What is the best prices for a given company, considering its goals?
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