Intelligent Automation

Increase productivity and work satisfaction through automating mundane tasks, freeing up time for more value creating assignments.
  • Organizations today automate only 25-40% of their workflow
  • Employees spend 22% of their time on mundane, repetitive tasks
  • A typical, rules-based process can be automated by 70-80%

Automation in different industries

Customer interactions

  • Customer interactions can be automated through implementing digital assistants that not only lower your operational costs but also help you drive sales

Internal IT

  • Internal IT processes such as ticketing can be roboticized, streamlining internal operations

Transportation & logistics

  • In the transportation and logistics sector, companies can automate order processing, shipment scheduling & tracking and invoicing & credit collections


  • For healthcare, automation helps medical professionals and administrators to process claims, administer patient information and to interact with patients 


  • For manufacturing, supply chain automation can dramatically reduce the time to market and simplify supplier interactions


  • In the insurance industry, automation is used to simplify claims processing and administration, policy maintenance, compliance and risk management reporting and customer service

Finance and banking

  • Within finance and accounting many activities can be automated, including order fulfillment, financial close, submitting vendor invoices and tracking payments. For banking, companies can streamline mortgage lending processes, verification activities, customer on-boarding and customer service.
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