100% smart strategy

Adopting Artificial Intelligence is technically easier than one might think, however it's crucial to be smart about becoming smart, to maximize the value of your investments.

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Applai Labs

Store, analyze and operationalize in one simple eco-system

Building business driven AI and analytics does not have to be complicated! Using our methods and cloud based tool-set you can identify, build and make use of AI and analytics in the simplest possible way so that you can focus on solving real business challenges. 

Let's set up your Applai Labs and start drive business value!

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Applai Roadmap

Use AI in a strategic way

In order for companies to optimize the value of AI initiatives, companies need to understand in what way their business can benefit from AI, but also be able to assess feasibility and business case. Through our Applai Review we help companies to set up the road map towards 100% smartness.



1. Identify use cases

We start by helping you identify and map how Artificial Intelligence can drive value in your company (i.e. use cases), based on your company structure, challenges and value drivers.  

2. Assess feasibility

Next step is to assess the feasibility in terms of data access, quality & time horizon as well as relevant business processes. If the right data is not accessible, it’s crucial to start thinking about data structure and strategic acquisition.

3. Calculate impact & cost

The most important step in implementing AI is making sure the solutions brings real business value, therefor we need to estimate potential value, costs & risk, per use case. 

4. Create roadmap towards 100% smartness

Based on these findings we create a road-map towards 100% smartness, focusing solutions that drive the most business value (impact), keeping feasibility in mind. While implementing high priority cases, we prepare future use cases through strategically gathering new data, enabling better analyses.

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Transformation 2.0

As Artificial Intelligence are transforming industries from the ground up, companies are forced to rethink their way of doing business. Luckily the opportunities are many and new lucrative business models are opening up every day.

We can help you answer the question; how can you transform your services and processes with the help of AI to beat your competition?
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Data Smartness

Data management

No data - no Artificial Intelligence. The majority of your time implementing AI will be spent on finding, consolidating och cleaning your data. First you need to optimize data storage for optimal performance and strategically collect data to support current and future analytics needs. Moreover we recommend using tools for data processing, doing so can decrease time spent on data processing by up to 50%.

Data monetization

As AI technology and tools are becoming cheaper and easier to use, the value of data will increase. Utilizing your own data is important, but another way of creating tremendous value is to form data sharing alliances or package data as a service.
What kind of data do you have that are valuable to others?
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