What industries gain most from AI?

Practically all industries will gain from using AI, however some industries will gain more. Below are the 10 industries that (according to McKinsey) will be impacted the most by AI, as a percentage (%) of industry revenue.

  • Travel – 11,2
  • High-tech – 10,2
  • Insurance 7,1

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10 reasons why your analytics program will fail

  1. The executive team doesn’t have a clear vision for its advanced-analytics programs (Usually derived from executive’s lacking understanding of advanced analytics and machine learning)
  • Solution: set up knowledge sharing workshops within the company to spread knowledge between technical and business employees
  1. No one has determined the value that the initial use cases can deliver in the first year. (Leads to performing the wrong use cases.)

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What is AI and how is it applied today?

Interviewer: The Swedish Chamber of Commerce for the UK
Interviewee: Tommy Högström, partner at Applai

What exactly is Artificial Intelligence (AI) and what’s the difference from Machine Learning (ML)?
Although its many definitions I would say that Artificial Intelligence (AI) is an umbrella term for technologies that enable machines to mimic human intelligence, such as seeing, comprehending and learning (Machine Learning). In other words, ML is a sub-technology of AI that learns from data, often to predict the future of different kind of human or machine behavior. Actually, almost all the economic value created by AI today is through supervised

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