Integrity Policy


Those who entrust Applai with their personal information should be able to feel confident that we handle them properly. Applai follows the laws that exist to protect personal privacy, rules on banking secrecy and internal rules for the practical handling of personal data.

The data is processed in order for Applai through market communication and in other ways to provide collaboration partners and future employees with better and more personal offers and experiences.


Information provided to Applai is used, inter alia, for Applai through market communications to be able to provide better and more personalized offers. Our goal is that everyone who leaves their personal information with us will receive good service and well-balanced information.

In order to achieve our goal, we can make a profile of all who shared their information with us, based on the personal data and other information that they provided to Applai, as well as information contained in public records. We use the data and profiling analysis to provide:

  1. Customized offers to partners and future employees based on interests and needs
  2. Information based on the information provider's preferences, behavior, needs and profile

The person who provided us with his / her personal information is always entitled to request that the personal data they have provided to Applai not be used for market communications. This is best done by contacting us at


Applai collects personal information about customers and visitors mainly through

  1. Activity on Applai's website and social media
  2. Electronic questionnaires and forms related to Applai
  3. Public register for updating other tasks
  4. Applications requiring the applicant to provide information necessary for the purpose of recruitment, such as contact details and information in order to assess the applicant's suitability and career prospects.


The one leaving information can agree, for example, by accepting our terms electronically. The information provider is entitled to revoke a given consent. In that case, Applai will no longer process additional personal information or to update previously submitted personal information about them. Within 3 months, Applai will delete the data, unless they need to be saved for accounting purposes.


When customers and visitors submit their personal information to Applai for the first time, they receive information about the processing, such as information on the purposes for which personal data are processed and where to turn to questions.

In case of treatment, the data provider may, after such request, obtain information about the personal data being processed, from which they have been collected, for which purpose the treatment is being conducted and to whom or what information is provided. Applai will, at the requestor's request or on his own initiative, correct the information that is found to be incorrect.

Those who have questions about Applai's handling of personal data can contact Applai at


As far as possible, Applai will have access to the personal data of the data subject. A limited number of Applai employees have access to Applais personal data about partners or future employees.


Personal data is retained only as long as there is a need to preserve them to fulfill the purposes for which the data was collected, but not more than 26 months after the last contact point. The data may need to be saved for example for accounting purposes.


The information entrusted to Applai is treated in a satisfactory manner. Only a limited number of persons with privileges have access to the data and protection exists both against intrusion and destruction of the data.

Personal data will not be transferred to anyone outside of Applai, except for those listed above under the heading "Access to personal data".


You may request that personal data be deleted or changed if they were incorrect or incomplete. You may also request that your information not be used for direct marketing. You can terminate direct marketing by emailing: