With great talent
comes great responsibility ...

... To deliver 100% smartness


Be a part of an extra ordinary end-2-end analytics team that combines expertise in data, advanced analytics, and business excellence to Applai AI to real business problems. From strategy to implementation.

We are continuously looking to grow our team with the right people - do you fit any of the below descriptions? Register your interest below and lets have a chat!


Become the best you can be through combining consulting and cutting-edge product development in advanced analytics and create your competitive advantage.


Take control of your professional development and be an important part of developing Applai as a company and movement. At Applai we practice ‘ambition driven & collective leadership’ where everyone determines her/his own direction of development.

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Role explanation

Smartification Engineer

Design, build and integrate data pipelines to ensure quality and consistency of present and future data flows, having business logic and advanced analytics in mind.

Smartification Scientist

Develop statistical models, algorithms, and robust machine learning systems that discover hidden patterns and actionable insights from existing data.

Smartification Translator

Ensures business adoption and value in analytics initiatives through translating and mapping the business’ problems to technical capabilities, while guiding project members through implementation.

Smartification Architect – Business adoption

Ensures that analytics solutions solve critical business problems and designs the business eco system to enable smooth technology design as well as efficient business adoption.

Smartification Architect – Technology design

Ensures scalability and robustness in analytics solution architecture to support quality in data data flows and analytical capabilities. 

  • 100% smartness

    Applai help clients towards 100% smartness through building and implementing AI – in a business driven and simple way. Applai has the flexibility and culture of a start-up and strength and connections of a large company, as part of a consulting group consisting of 500 of Sweden's brightest minds. 

  • Beyond models

    At Applai you don’t only get to build models, crunch data or develop data platforms, you are expected to be a strategic partner and understand the business behind AI implementations. That’s why it is so great that Applai is a part of a consulting group including experts in infrastructure, business development, BI, Project management and all sorts of programming. A priceless pool of expertise to learn from.

  • Your ambition

    Applai was founded based on a vision and one employee’s ambition to execute this vision. All offerings, departments and companies developed within the group is based on people’s ambitions, which drives our entrepreneurial and innovative companies forward. Applai is expanding and constantly looking for great people that want to be a part of building something great. So our question for you is, what is your ambition?

  • Applai vision

    For us, intelligence means using smart technology, in a smart and scalable way. To enable this, our vision is to combine consulting within AI with building smart AI-products to simplify and democratize AI for all companies, globally. Do you have an idea to realize? let's explore!