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50% of all human performed tasks can technically be done by machines. Today

However, adopting Artificial Intelligence into the business has been expensive and complicated, until recently. With new, better and cheaper tools companies can easily use AI to get competitive advantages.

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What industries gain most from AI?

Practically all industries will gain from using AI, however some industries will gain more. Below are the 10 industries that (according to McKinsey) will be impacted the most by AI, as a percentage (%) of industry revenue.

  • Travel – 11,2
  • High-tech – 10,2
  • Insurance 7,1
  • Media & Entertainment – 6,9
  • Transport & Logistics 6,4
  • Telecom 6,3
  • Pharmaceuticals & medical products 6,1
  • Retail 5,7
  • Advanced electronics/semiconductors 5,3
  • Banking 5,2